I marveled at what I beheld and savored during my initial exposure to the chef’s art in food preparation and service.  The dessert spread wowed me and since that day in October of 2009, I’ve experienced display after display of picturesque food culture of exquisiteness at weddings, official events, private parties, milestone celebrations, repasts… I recommend the service to EVERYONE, and often challenge prospective clients to compare the pricing to the class of professionalism at every phase of one’s experience with Annette’s. 

Nancy B.

It is evident Annette loves what she does and takes pride in preparing excellent food. She and her staff are very professional. During a function where well over 300 people were in attendance, she prepared a variety of entrees and desserts representative of the various countries and cultures. Her dishes were complimented by all who I talked to. Not only was the food phenomenal, but her setup and display were equally impressive. I highly recommend her for any catering event!


My family and I have used Annette’s Personal Chef and Catering Services over the last couple of years. Each time, they exceeded our expectations. They are very honest, professional and their prices are fair. I love the fact that they do not only cater, but also provide the décor- table clothes, chair covering and center pieces for all occasions. This gives you one less thing to worry about. The food is in a different class altogether! It is amazing, delicious, and tasty that it leaves wanting more! The amazing thing is that all of this is done with so much love and passion that it shows in their services.


Annette is a phenomenal chef! If you are looking for a Caterer, you don’t need to look any further. The love of her craft truly shows through her excellent food and pride in serving others.