Personal Chef Services


It’s no secret that today’s families have far more demands on their time than previous generations. In the rush to juggle many responsibilities, one of the first things that gets sacrificed is a nutritious and excellent tasting meal.

Our chefs are professionally trained and will provide tasty and healthy meals to satisfy you as an individual or everyone in your family.

Our Personal Chef Services consist of three customized interdependent facets.

  • Food Shopping: This involves working with you to eliminate the countless hours you spend shopping for your groceries, standing in line, and fighting traffic. You can also avoid impulse shopping and unwanted trips to fast food restaurants and convenience stores. Free up some time and spend it doing the things you really enjoy while we do your food shopping for you.
  • Cooking: Beginning with customized meal planning and adhering to any specific dietary requests, we will cook up fresh, delicious and healthy meal using quality ingredients, either in your homes, or in commercial kitchens and deliver to your home. We, do all the work so when you come home at the end of a demanding day, you can relax to wholesome, home-cooked meals.
  • Cleaning: This is simply cleaning up after our cooking so you don’t have to do it. Our promise to you is, ‘we will leave your kitchen clean and tidy.’

Every chef relationship starts with a phone and an in-home consultation. From there, we will customize a service plan tailored specifically for you. Contact us to schedule your free, in-home consultation.